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Downey Design is a zealous group of experienced web design and development professionals.


Our History & Vision

Downey Design was founded in 2014, When John left his day job in Graphic Design to pursue his passion, making beautiful and functional websites utilizing the latest UI techniques and technology. We believe that our work makes life a little more pleasant for people as we make the Internet a more beautiful and usable place, one site at a time.

Downey Design is a small but mighty agency, and we also have many skilled friends and partners in the industry. We are able to unite a team of specialists to cover nearly any sized project.

Our Design Philosophy

Your content is the reason your site exists

The whole task of Web design is getting the users of your site to the content they need as efficiently and pleasantly as possible. As such one of our core philosophies is usability, or “user-friendliness.”

With “User-friendliness” constantly in mind, we employ the following principles to every site we develop:

Keep it Simple Stupid

This is the sum and goal of usability-focused design. Our work is to minimize work for the user, to minimize thought, to seek to make every aspect of the site as immediately evident as possible. This is accomplished primarily through excellent information architecture, minimalistic graphic design, and a deep understanding of the relevant industry standards, and research of your site’s core user base. This principle is the starting point for all other design principles we follow.

Minimalistic Design

Good design is as little design as possible” ~ Dieter Rams

Less is better – because it concentrates on the essential aspects, and the design is not burdened with non-essentials.

All of our websites strive to follow this design principle by making the design as subtle as possible, but still effective and easy to use.

Follow Convention

It would be foolhardy to disregard all current web design standards and trends. Having a generation of web history to build on, many elements of web design have become standard and need to be followed for maximum usability on your website.

That being said there are also many trends that are copied ad infinitum without stopping to consider the effect on the usability of the site, we try to avoid these trends whenever possible, thus giving your site a design that won’t be obsolete the day after it’s launched.

Universal Usability

Every user of your site should have full and unhindered access to every function of your site, regardless of what device, platform, or the technology they are using to browse it. We make sure every site we design is compatible and accessible on all devices, all browsers, and all platforms.

Form serves function

“Do not make something unless it is both made necessary and useful, but if it is both necessary and useful, do not hesitate to make it beautiful.”~Shaker Proverb

This is the final principle of purpose, but an important one, and an important aspect of the artistry we build into all of our websites. In line with the above principles, we should also seek to make sites beautiful for our audience. These principles all lead us to focus on typography and relevant photography and videography as our primary design elements.


Our Clients


Some feedback from some happy clients, for your consideration.

I love our new website! Downey Design did a great job of sharing their vision for the website redesign, while also incorporating many of our ideas. Greemann Furniture’s website looks better than ever, and it’s more functional for our customers. Shawn Busby

Sales Manager, Greemann's Furniture and Mattress Gallery

After numerous experiences with my own website and with many different clients I can share with you that Downey Design will deliver for you every time. John sets himself apart from other website designers because his costs are reasonable, works much faster, and will keep working to get the job done until the client is completely satisfied!!! If you are considering a website I highly recommend Downey Design as your solution!!! Mark Millman

Business Coach, Next Step Resourcing

Over the past few years, our church has worked with Downey Design on a number of different projects and continue to receive high-quality work at very affordable prices. Downey Design is very easy to work with and deliver a quick turnaround time. I would highly recommend Downey Design for web design, graphics, and promotional material! Aaron Jozwiak

Pastor, Red Village Church

Downey Design is a great company to work with, they completed my website very quickly and at a reasonable price. I had a pile of questions and they answered them all kindly and were able to tailor a website perfect for my needs. I will definitely continue working with Downey Design and recommend them to anyone needing website work Melissa Lombardi

Massage Therapist, Magical Therapies

Downey Design was a great investment for our church. We asked John to help us develop a website, getting ready to “launch” and startup our church as well as helping maintain it after the church had been launched. John’s work has been outstanding but his customer service has been just as great. Due to his openness, honesty, knowledge, and passion, one always feels his best interest is to help enhance websites to be the best it can be. John’s is very prompt in his responding, which is very important to me, and is very reasonable when it comes to price for the work he does. I would highly recommend John, Downey Design, not just for the work he does, but also for how he works with you to help you understand what you need and want in and on your website. Jesse Beernink

Pastor/Church Planter, Resonate Church

Downey Design helped us develop a website for The Pines Restaurant and catering company. The site looks great and is easy to use. John was amazing to work with and was very helpful during development and after launch. He was able to work with our crazy schedule and was dedicated throughout the process. Chris Borgman

Events Coordinator , The Pines Resturant & Midwest Catering

Downey Design has been a huge help to Communities In Schools of Indiana. Our new website looks great and Downey Design still remains flexible and committed to helping us keep it updated. Thanks for all you guys do! Matt Railsback

Admin Assistant & Communications Coordinator , Communities in Schools of Indiana